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When you rent an apartment, most often, the Internet and TV aren’t included in your rental contract. Arranging them by yourself is easier than you think, you just need to find the best internet service provider for you and choose the most suitable package!

Sounds easy but how can you know the types of internet and how to choose the best provider in the Netherlands?

As a housing company, we’ve been helping our members with this question for years. So, we created this special guide to help you to arrange your Internet and TV.

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How to Select the Best Internet Provider in the Netherlands - Low Price or Fast Internet Connection

The difficult part of showing the best isp (internet service provider) in the Netherlands is that everyone’s ideal internet provider will be different. Everyone has different internet needs – one likes fast internet and values good internet connections, while others are looking for the cheapest internet provider in the Netherlands. That’s why in this blog post we present you the best internet service providers for different consumers’ needs.

“When you find out the best internet provider of your choice, you're just a few clicks away before your contract is ready!”

The good news is that Dutch internet connection speeds are known to be among the fastest in Europe! The average internet speed is around 80Mbps and the vast majority of all Dutch households have a broadband connection at home. That means that no matter which provider in the Netherlands you will choose, your Internet speed should be satisfactory!

First Step: Choose the Most Suitable Type of Internet in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, there are three main types of internet subscriptions: cable, DSL, and glass fiber connections. All types have their advantages and disadvantages.

Three Main Types of Internet in The Netherlands


+ Available in most places

+ Very reliable fast internet connection

Cable network is not influenced by how many users are using the internet source at the same time

– Only a few providers of cable internet are available in The Netherlands


The most accessible type of internet in the Netherlands

Many internet providers are available

+ the cheapest internet connection option

– The speed of the internet is determined by others’ internet usage so if multiple users are online at the same time, the internet speed can get worse

Glass Fiber

+ Optical fiber connection provides you with the fastest upload speed and download speed, which could go up to 750 Mbps. What does it mean in practice? Fiber optics allows you to play online games with no lags!

– Unfortunately, fiber internet is not yet available everywhere

Second Step: Find the Right Internet Provider for You

Now, that you know everything about internet types and packages, it’s time to choose a provider in the Netherlands. It’s a bit complicated process but we will help you with it!

We did some research for you and looked for different TV and internet providers in Rotterdam and searched for the options they offer. After a long search, we are happy to compare internet providers in the Netherlands that might interest you. Choose the one that suits your needs best and enjoy your internet soon!

Ziggo logo with phone

Best Internet Provider

Best Home Internet Provider in the Netherlands: Ziggo NL

The team of The Citylifer agrees that in the Netherlands the best internet provider is Ziggo NL. It is one of the largest Dutch internet providers, that is active in most places and offers reliable services and the best internet speeds for a good price. Ziggo comes with an app, where you can find all your account details and can easily get in contact with customer service via chat.

Ziggo NL offers a range of packages you can choose from. The one that may interest you the most and that we suggest taking is Ziggo Internet & TV.

Ziggo offers its internet services for an affordable price and, what is also important to mention, it offers high discounts to new members for the first months. Nice, right?

Ziggo Internet Only Package


If you do not wish to receive TV in your package and only internet packages interest you, then Ziggo offers an alternative option, the Internet Only package. Check it out cause it might be the best deal for you!

Ziggo Internet & TV Complete Package

In the Ziggo Internet & TV Complete package, you get the all-in-one package! This means:


For The Sport Lovers: Ziggo Sport

If you are into sports, there is number of additional packages that you can select when getting a contract. Ziggo Sport Totaal offers you a number of football leagues, like the Spanish Primera División and the Italian Serie A, but also other sports like motor racing, golf and tennis. Even though, this package is powered by Ziggo, it is also available at other internet providers. ESPN NL is another sports package that allows you to watch the Dutch Eredivisie, but also the major sports leagues from the US, like the NBA, NFL and NHL. Getting Ziggo Sport Totaal or ESPN will unlock extra channels on your TV. For the English Premier League, German Bundesliga or Formula 1 racing you have to subscribe to Viaplay, which is an app you can download on your TV.

KPN logo with laptop

Best Customer Service

The Best Customer Service Internet Provider in the Netherlands: KPN

KPN is characterized by its excellent customer service that is available 24/7. This internet provider is available almost everywhere in Rotterdam. Even though it’s a bit of a pricy option, it is a very reliable internet service provider.

You can choose from various different speeds, all the way up to 1000 Mbps, and enjoy the free wifi hotspot around the world. The fastest internet option, called “super fast” allows for streaming or downloading videos and online gaming with ease.

Here, similarly to Ziggo, you can choose either an Internet & TV package or an Internet-only package, depending on your own needs.

Despite their standard offer, KPN has additional innovative technology, such as interactive TV, extra channels like Spotify, and the option to also get a subscription for your mobile phone. Another great part of their customer service is that all clients receive KPN Veilig (KPN Safe) for free, which is privacy security for up to devices.


Guaranty of a Stable Internet Connection

You can customize your Internet speed by choosing either Fast (100 Mbit/s download), Super Fast (200 Mbit/s download), and in some cases even the Ultra Fast (1 Gbit/s download) option. This is adjustable monthly so whenever you experience that your internet speed is not satisfying, you can always upgrade it.


Cheapest Internet Providers

The Cheapest Internet Providers: Budget Alles-in-1 and Odido

If you’re looking for affordable internet providers in the Netherlands, Budget Alles-In-1 or Odido can be the perfect option for you. Both of them offer their services for a really low price.

Budget Alles-In-1

If your budget is very tight, then the Budget Alles-in-1 can be an option for you.

Their offer starts from 18.50 euros for the first six months! This is a really low price compared to other providers whose internet prices for the first six months are starting from 30 euros per month. Another good thing about Budget Alles-in-1 is that they have fiber connections in some areas.

However, it must be mentioned that this provider in the Netherlands is not as highly rated as the other ones that we mentioned. Even though it is a great option in terms of price, it scores relatively low on the customer satisfaction score.


Prices at Odido start from 35 euros per month for the Internet Only package and from 50 euros per month for the Internet & TV package.

However, Odido, similarly to Ziggo, offers a high discount for the first months. That means that for the first months in the Netherlands, you can pay only 30 euros per month for both the internet and TV!

The internet uploading speed and download speed in the standard internet option offered by Odido is 100 Mbit/s to 1 Gbit/s. In this option, you also get a free wifi modem, transfer service and help with installation.

Is Odido offering Glass Fiber?

Even though Odido is one of the cheapest internet providers in the Netherlands, it offers glass fiber connection in some areas! That makes the best internet connection for a cheap price. Check their website, maybe in your location you can enjoy the fastest internet connections!

Research the Best Dutch Internet Providers

Doesn’t matter if you’re working from home, video calling your family, or playing online games, you can’t deal with low internet speeds. You can’t rely on the free wifi in the city and need constant internet access to the best speed that will guarantee you no annoying lags.

That’s why it’s so important to use reliable internet services and choose a trustworthy internet service provider that will always ensure you a good internet connection.

Don’t wait any longer, choose the right internet provider you, sign your internet contract, and enjoy the fastest internet in the city!

Find and compare the best internet providers near me


Should I Also Arrange a TV Subscription in the Netherlands?

Usually, in the same package offered by an internet provider, you will have both, Internet and TV. We highly recommend this option since it is definitely the most convenient one. You can bake two roasts on one fire!

In the Netherlands, you do not need a TV subscription for some channels. A few nationwide and regional channels are offered for free online and through cable.

For example, you can watch NPO 1, 2, and 3 via NPO Start, but you can also set up a DVB-T2 to broadcast this through cable on your TV. You will receive these channels even when you don’t have a subscription. However, for other channels, you need to have a subscription.

Do the Internet Service Providers in the Netherlands Also Offer Telephone Services?

Many of the internet providers in the Netherlands offer also internet packages, which despite internet subscriptions include telephone service. You can find many beneficial deals for internet, television, and telephone lines – all-in-1 packages.

Usually, for a few additional euros and you get unlimited calling within the European Union. That’s a great option for those who want to stay in touch with their relatives back home!

Are There Any Activation Costs or Other Hidden Costs While Starting a New Internet Contract?

It depends on your order. If you order services, which include a modem, set-top box, or a CI+ Module, you usually pay a one-time activation fee. This is a very minimal fixed charge which in the case of Ziggo equals 19,95 euros.

However, beware that his cost might be different in the case of other Dutch internet providers. Sometimes the costs might be higher, while some of the providers offer a free wi-fi modem and you only have to pay for other services.

Do I Need a Dutch Bank Account to Order an Internet Subscription?

To order an Internet subscription you have to have a Dutch bank account. Why?

Most internet providers check if the bank account from which your money will be transferred is real. In order to do that they use a Dutch payment method, iDeal, for a one-time payment of 0,01 euros. Hence, it might be difficult if you don’t have a Dutch bank account.

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