The Citylifer building

Located in the best cities

The characteristics of a great location

Accessibility and public transport


Green spaces


Our buildings are sliced into four privacy layers

Designed to foster social interaction

Family room

Buildings are divided into community clusters, accommodating 15 to 25 people who exclusively share a fully-equipped family room

The Ciytlifer Coliving Rooftop

Shared area

Buildings feature shared areas, such as a rooftop or game area, which are exclusively accessible to the resident community.

Public areas

Primarily on the ground floor, buildings house public areas designed for resident and neighbours to meet and interact with each other.

Bottom-up facilitation

Each cluster is led by a Trailblazer, a long-standing resident who guides newcomers.

Furthermore, residents actively participate in orchestrating and evolving community events.


25 m²

The High-Five

Smart furniture designed for space optimisation

6 m² becomes 24 m² usable area




The Nomad Plus by Night


Modular design to upcycle urban spaces

The Citylifer’s sustainability-focused design is based on an office grid structure. This innovative design allows to repurpose vacant inner city office buildings while also accommodating newly constructed development.

Benefits of upcycling


Shorter projected lead times

Building Icon

Lower construction costs

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Reduced environmental impact

Environmental ESG The Citylifer

“The Citylifer could potentially construct over 53,000 Nomad studios in empty office spaces throughout the Netherlands”

Premium hospitality service level applied to residential living

Plug-and-play lifestyle

  • Basic rent
  • Service costs
  • Furniture
  • Shared areas
  • Utilities and wifi
  • Housing insurances
  1. Netflix
  2. Mobility subscriptions
  3. Cleaning services
  4. Gym and wellness

Community events

  • Sport classes
  • Social gatherings
  • Exploring the city
  • Networking
  • Education

Fair and transparent pricing

Compliant with local regulations and ensures transparency for residents

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WWS compliant

Basic rent prices are compliant with the point system applicable in The Netherlands.

Huurcommissie compliant

Additional costs, such as service costs, are priced in accordance to national regulations set forth by Huurcommissie.

Transparency Icon
No hidden fees

All pricing components are disclosed upfront to residents. Energy costs are based on actual consumption.

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Housing benefit applicable

The residents of The Nomad are eligible for a housing benefit up to €388,- per month.

Fair Pricing for Everyone

All housing expenses included!

  • Basic rent
  • Service costs
  • Furniture fee
  • Shared areas
  • Utilities
  • Wifi
  • Housing insurance
  • Community events

Calculate your monthly fee here

Your annual salary


Your monthly housing expenses

* This calculation is based on The Nomad and an estimate only, including housing benefits. No rights can be derived from it, and The Citylifer is not liable for any consequences resulting from its use. For personalized advice, please consult with a financial professional.

Why residents love us

The Citylifer Coliving Shared Living Family Room


Great prices, better locations


High quality (co)living experience


Fostering community while respecting individual privacy


Full-service residential coliving

No better alternative


A European ambition

We aim to put The Citylifer on the European map as the most appreciated coliving brand


Do you recognize the opportunities in coliving and wish to collaborate with The Citylifer?rnrnWe seeks partnerships with project developers, property owners and real estate investors to create a brand-new housing solution that is uniquely catered to young adults and contemporary nomads.

Become a partner


With a passion for sustainability, social responsibility, and good governance, we have created an ESG policy that underpins everything we do.rnrnWe strive to minimize our environmental footprint and optimize our social impact. At the same time, we also encourage and inspire our residents to join us in this effort.

Read our ESG policy