Founded in 2023, The Citylifer is committed to redefining the residential experience in urban areas across the world. We are not a traditional real estate company; The Citylifer is a gateway to incredible experiences in the heart of the coolest cities in the world. Catering to contemporary nomads, we curate exciting communities with fully-furnished private accommodations and shared facilities so that, no matter where residents choose to move to next, we’ll make sure they feel right at home.

At the Citylifer, we realized that there was a lack of affordable, comfortable living spaces that fostered community and provided a home away from home. With a passion for sustainability, social responsibility, and good governance, we have created an ESG policy that underpins everything we do. We strive to minimize our environmental footprint and optimize our social impact. At the same time, we also encourage and inspire our residents to join us in this effort.


For us sustainability is not just a buzzword – it is at the heart of everything we do. From our buildings to our communities, we promote sustainable practices that reduce our environmental impact and encourage a greener way of living. Our residents are climate-conscious and expect nothing less from us. They prefer living in buildings that reflect their values. That’s why The Citylifer is dedicated to reducing our overall energy consumption, using sustainable materials, and offering sustainable transportation options. Being aware of our environmental impact also makes business sense. By integrating sustainable practices into our operations, we can lower our operating costs and create buildings that are more efficient and resilient.

Energy efficiency

We are committed to reducing our energy consumption in our buildings and we take a step-by-step approach to achieve these goals. The first step is to minimize the energy demand. During the construction, we improve the insulation, glazing, and roofing, to minimizing heat loss and air infiltration. Furthermore, we install high-efficient and smart HVAC systems, LED lighting and energy-efficient appliances. In turn, The Citylifer encourages residents to to be mindful of their energy use through smart metering, real-time feedback and energy-saving tips. The second step is to prioritize onsite renewable energy sources such as solar panels to offset the building’s energy consumption. Finally, any remaining energy demand is met by remote renewable sources.

1.1Energy efficiency

Sustainable materials

We are mindful of our carbon footprint and waste reduction, particularly in our material sourcing. We scout for locations that offer existing buildings, often vacant offices, which we transform into residential buildings. In this process, we emphasize recycling and reusing materials to minimize waste. For new building materials, we prioritize those that are recycled or environmentally friendly to reduce our impact on the environment. We also carefully choose our furniture, fixtures, and equipment packages, considering their durability and low environmental impact.

1.2Sustainable materials

Sustainable transportation

We understand the significant role of mobility in promoting greener living at The Citylifer, which is why we offer various mobility options that help reduce our environmental impact. Cycling is a significant part of our Dutch DNA, so we provide ample space for bike storage. We also encourage cycling through bike-sharing and bike subscription programs, making it more accessible for our residents. Additionally, we select our building locations among others on their proximity to tram, metro, bus or train stations. We encourage residents to make use of public transport instead of taking the car. For car enthusiasts, we offer shared cars and electric car charging stations. Lastly, we prioritize working with suppliers who share our commitment to sustainable transportation options.

1.3Sustainable transportation


Coliving is more than just sharing a space – it’s about creating a community where residents can live life better. At The Citylifer, we understand the importance of building social impact together with our residents. We build an inclusive and supportive community that can benefit residents their social interaction, personal growth, mental health and overall well-being. Our plug-and-play experience ensures a seamless journey with one contract covering all housing expenses, so residents don’t have to worry about contracts, insurances, and taxes. We also prioritize fair and transparent pricing practices to ensure that our apartments are accessible and affordable to everyone.

Mental health and well-being

The well-being and mental health of our residents is highly important to us at The Citylifer. Social interaction and being part of a supportive community play a large role in residents’ happiness, which is why we’ve purposely designed our buildings to facilitate connections among residents. Our community is divided into clusters to make it easier to meet and get to know fellow Citylifers. Additionally, we provide spaces for residents to work remotely or pursue their hobbies, promoting a healthy work-life balance. We also offer fitness classes within The Citylifer building or partner with local gyms to encourage a healthy lifestyle. Finally, we organize community events and activities, both by The Citylifer and our residents.

2.1Mental health and well-being

Resident satisfaction

At The Citylifer, we prioritize simplicity and convenience for our residents. We understand that our target group values flexibility and easy procedures, which is why we offer a plug-and-play experience with one contract covering all housing expenses, including utilities, wifi, cleaning, housing insurance, and municipal taxes. We also provide a high level of service that compares to a hotel experience, with a buddy system in place to help new residents settle into their new community as quickly as possible.

2.2Resident satisfaction

Fair and transparent pricing

Housing should be available and affordable for everyone. That’s why we practice fair and transparent pricing, compliant with local regulations on rent, service costs, and amenities. We never hide fees and disclose all pricing components upfront. We also base energy costs on actual consumption and provide real-time feedback to residents through smart-metering, allowing them to adjust their behavior and avoid high costs. Our dedication to fair pricing helps create a diverse community that includes individuals from different socioeconomic backgrounds, aligning with our overarching objective of fostering a more just and equitable society.

2.3Fair and transparent pricing


Words are from the lips, actions are from the heart. At the Citylifer, we are committed to practice what we preach, so governing our environmental and social mission is of utmost importance. Firstly, our leadership team oversees the implementation of our ESG policy and leads the company by example. Furthermore, we ensure that we comply with all regulations, from local rent regulations to market standards in construction. Our efforts are reflected in annual building reports that show our sustainability and corporate social responsibility achievements.

Strong leadership

The leadership team at The Citylifer is a cornerstone of our commitment to ESG values. Our management is driven to set a positive example and they take a proactive approach towards our environmental and social goals. They provide training and awareness programs to make employees aware of the importance of ESG and how this translates into our daily operations. In turn, through interaction with residents, our employees promote our ESG policies and practices and create a culture of responsibility among residents

3.1Strong leadership

Compliance with regulations

The Citylifer ensures that all project developments adhere to the industry standards in construction, such as NEN standards, and comply with the relevant local and national regulations. Our rent prices also comply with the point system (“Woningwaarderingsstelsel, in short WWS) applicable in The Netherlands. Additionally, service costs and additional amenities are priced in accordance to national regulations set forth by Huurcommissie. Compliance with regulations is important to our residents’ safety, while it simultaneously matches our core values.

3.2Compliance with regulations

Reporting and disclosure

We believe that transparency is key to building trust with our stakeholders. We provide annual reports that disclose information on our environmental and social impact. For each building development, we report our carbon footprint and CO2 reduction. During the operation of our buildings, we publish an annual sustainability report that includes data on energy consumption and water use. We also publish a corporate social responsibility report of each building that includes the mental health scores and customer satisfaction ratings.

3.3Reporting and disclosure

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