What makes The Citylifer unique?

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Great prices, better locations

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High quality co-living experiences

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Community above all else

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Full-service residential co-living


We’re all about the people. Moving to a big city can be intimidating, but with The Citylifer, you will always be able to come home to a family of friends. Every one of our co-living properties is developed to bring together likeminded people from around the world, so that they can create incredible once-in-a-lifetime memories. Committed to developing living spaces that foster a communal spirit, we champion an ethos of community facilitation, integrating our members into every aspact of our decision-making process for engaging, practical solutions that are made for our members, by our members.

Social living

Every Citylifer House and Building is thoughtfully designed to curate versatile living clusters of 20 to 25 dynamic members who contribute collectively to each other’s experiences as well as the communities that they live in.

1.1Social living

Shared values

We believe that life is better when you are surrounded by people who share your passion for shared experiences, creating meaningful relationships and living life to the fullest.

1.2Shared values

Community facilitation

Championing community facilitation over community management, communities are empowered to curate living solutions for their exact needs; organically enhancing member engagement and satisfaction.

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1.3Community facilitation


Live your best city life. Experience the very best that any city has to offer with our high-quality co-living buildings and residences around the world. With The Citylifer, you can be assured that no matter where you choose to go, you will be living in style, in the coolest neighborhoods, surrounded by a family of likeminded people, without breaking the bank. Designed by renowned architects and furnished by well-known furniture and household brands, our apartments and buildings make sure that you are able to go out there and live your best city life, every single day.

Great location

No matter which city our members pick, we always make sure they get to be situated in the centre of it all. A great location is key.

2.1Great location

Fair pricing

Intelligently designed and fairly priced, with comfortable spaces and dynamic environments, our properties make high quality, urban living accessible to all.

2.2Fair pricing

Quality living

Impeccably furnished, high-quality, sustainable, soundproof and energy efficient, we design spaces and residences that you will be proud to call home.

2.3Quality living


Flexibel urban living, simplified. Personalized, flexible, uncomplicated and hassle-free, The Citylifer takes the guesswork out of urban living. We know you have thing to do and places to be, which is why we curate every step of our journey with you in mind. From fully-furnished, contemporary apartments and social spaces that come with cleaning services and high-speed WiFi connections to in-house facilities such as gyms, co-working offices, F&B outlets and more, we package everything into one easy monthly payment so that you can spend less time worrying, and more time living.

Plug-and-play lifestyle

Committed to simplifying urban living, we offer thoughtful packages and subscriptions for all life’s essentials.

3.1Plug-and-play lifestyle

Curated journey

We’re all about making things easier, which is why every step of the Citylifer journey is designed with our members in mind. 

3.2Curated journey

Freedom & flexibility

Our flexible contracts and convenient solutions empower our members to travel and experience new cities, neighborhoods and communities, on their own terms. 

3.3Freedom & flexibility


Let’s live better, together. Living better is our ethos, and together we can have a bigger impact. At The Citylifer, sustainability is a way of life, and we champion small changes for living more mindfully and responsibly every day. From sustainable buildings that reuse and recycle materials to community-centric initiatives and integrated technology that minimises water and power consumption; we build in sustainability into every aspect of our operations to ensure a better quality of life for everyone, now and for generations to come.

Low-impact living

Responsibly constructed and sustainable, our properties promote healthier living environments and reduced costs for a no-brainer win-win scenario.

4.1Low-impact living

Sustainable partners

Because everything is better when done together, we partner with like-minded businesses to collectively reduce our environmental impact. 

4.2Sustainable partners

Championing awareness

Because it’s the little things that often matter the most, we like to champion simple, everyday changes members and stakeholders can make to reduce their impact.

4.3Championing awareness

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