The Citylifer strategically shift to partnerships, Erik Tillemans departs as Real Estate Director

Given the current market dynamics, The Citylifer will strategically shift to collaborate more with real estate developers and property owners. This new direction will not only help the company grow faster, but also allows us to benefit from the vast experience, knowledge, and connections of our partners. Tjeerd Hoes, Managing Partner of The Citylifer, explains: “In the last few months, we’ve been praised and awarded for The Citylifer’s design and vision, and people see a lot of potential for coliving. Despite the current market challenges, we are dedicated to rapid growth of the concept. By teaming up with others, we aim to create a win-win situation where we apply our concept in existing and new project developments. This way, we can spread The Citylifer idea faster across The Netherlands and Europe.

With this strategic reorientation, Erik Tillemans, the Director Real Estate at The Citylifer, has announced his departure. “I’m currently wrapping up my final project at The Citylifer. My journey here has been filled with immense learning, and I’ve evolved as a professional in many ways. However with the new strategic shift of The Citylifer my next career chapter lies outside of the Citylifer. A massive shoutout to all our amazing investors, expert professionals and cherished colleagues. A special mention to Tjeerd Hoes, Davine Nagel and Martijn Don – you added vibrant colors to my work journey!”

Erik Tillemans has been an instrumental member of the team since late 2021, initially with its precursor Citylife. With his invaluable contributions, he played a pivotal role in launching its evolved concept “The Citylifer” in 2023. 


The Citylifer board: gratitude for Erik’s belief and dedication

Serving as our Real Estate Director for the past two years, Erik’s profound insights into the real estate market and broad developmental perspectives have been instrumental in shaping The Citylifer concept. Without his invaluable contributions, The Citylifer would not be in the promising position it enjoys today. Erik embodies teamwork, and his vast real estate experience has enriched our entire organization.

Thanks to Erik’s relentless efforts and extensive network, coliving has gained significant attention and interest within the Dutch real estate market. His contribution has become particularly crucial in recent years, as many young people find themselves struggling in the housing market. Coliving offers the affordable and community-driven housing solutions they seek. The Citylifer board deeply appreciates Erik’s dedication in this area. Tjeerd remarks, “Erik’s contributions have been invaluable, and I feel privileged to have collaborated with him over these past years. But I am confident that our future collaborations will take on a different form in the near future.”

Erik is starting a new journey with NEOO, a project developer known for tackling complex mixed-use development tasks. They have skilled teams who can take a project from the first sketch all the way to completion. NEOO and The Citylifer are exploring ways to work closely together in the future, aiming to combine their unique strengths.



The Citylifer is delivering a brand-new housing solution that is uniquely catered to young adults and contemporary nomads. They aim to provide sustainable, convenient, and accessible housing options in the best neighborhoods of the best cities throughout Europe. Their buildings are designed to foster social interaction while maintaining personal comfort and privacy. They are constructed with durable and high-quality materials and fitted with smart furniture. The Citylifer offers a plug-and-play lifestyle with a strong community, which includes private apartments, fully furnished community areas, utilities, Wi-Fi, housing insurances, community events, and municipal taxes. They also offer premium hospitality service levels applied to residential living. The company is committed to sustainability and social responsibility and has an ESG policy that underpins everything they do. 

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