The Citylifer expands with 235 coliving beds


  • The Citylifer expands with 235 coliving beds on the 1st of January, as the two coliving brands, Citylife and The Citylifer, merge.
  • The Citylifer is introducing three new sub-labels: Citylifer Apartments accommodating up to 5 residents; Citylifer Houses, catering to up to 50 residents; and Citylifer Buildings, designed for over 50 residents.
  • In Spring 2024, the first Citylifer House will open in Rotterdam. Meanwhile, significant progress is being made in the sourcing of the first Citylifer Buildings.

The Dutch real estate company The Citylifer, a pioneer in innovative urban coliving concepts, proudly announces its expansion with 235 coliving beds. Effective 1 January 2024, a portfolio of 235 coliving beds will be integrated into The Citylifer.

The Citylifer will merge with its sister company Citylife, which has built up a portfolio of 235 coliving beds, divided across approximately 60 apartments and 3 small-scale buildings. Since 2018, Citylife has earned a positive reputation among residents and internationals alike for its professionalism and customer-centric approach as a housing operator. Citylife has been recognized as a people-first housing operator, thanks to its community-building events and a hassle-free mindset toward residents. By offering the flexibility, simplicity and services of hotels, with a price point that aligns with the residential segment. Citylife has achieded a customer satisfaction score of 9.9 on Kiyoh.

The brand “The Citylifer” was created in 2023 by the team of Citylife as their innovative building concept. In collaboration with Cutwork Studio, they developed a large-scale building concept that won the Coliving Award for Emerging Coliving Concept 2023. The award celebrates the idea of creating smart, affordable coliving spaces within upcycled buildings. The Citylifer embodies the same core values as Citylife: accessibility, convenience, community and sustainability. By merging both brands, Citylife’s experience in the coliving scene is combined with the innovative coliving concept of The Citylifer. Additionally, the operating systems and intellectual property of Citylife will be integrated into The Citylifer.

Introducing three ways of living

As part of the merger, The Citylifer introduces three types of living within their coliving concept:

  • Citylifer Apartment: Tailored for small groups of up to 5, these apartments strike the perfect chord between privacy and community engagement.
  • Citylifer House: A larger domain for up to 50 residents, offering communal facilities and a setting ripe for social synergy and shared moments, while offering a diverse range of private apartments.
  • Citylifer Building: A unique blend of private living and community interaction, featuring ‘community-cluster’ groups sharing expansive common spaces while enjoying individual apartments. The buildings offer fully-furnished, short-and long-stay homes. To foster long-term relationships among residents, each floor contains an immersive, shared living room with a special kitchen called the “family room” to be exclusively shared with around 15 to 25 Citylifers.

Co-founder of both Citylife and The Citylifer Tjeerd Hoes says: “From the start, Citylife had a strong community-centric approach. We will apply all our learnings from the last 5 years to our new units. Bringing Citylife and The Citylifer together creates a wonderful synergy between experience and innovation. I’m confident that it will accelerate the growth of our brand and the opportunity to truly answer the housing needs of young professionals.”  

Bringing Citylife and The Citylifer together creates a wonderful synergy between experience and innovation. ” 

Tjeerd Hoes, co-founder of Citylife and The Citylifer

The Citylifer by Numbers: A Track Record

  • 235 beds across vibrant neighborhoods
  • 235 happy members from over 50 countries
  • The Citylifer members have accomplished an impressive 6,250 hours of volunteering work
  • An impressive 9.9 Kiyoh member satisfaction rating
  • Recognition with the Emerging Coliving Concept Award for innovative coliving spaces
  • 60 Citylifer Apartments
  • 3 Citylifer Houses– the first one will be opened this spring!

Join The Citylifer’s Journey

The Citylifer’s goal is to provide 100,000 beds throughout the European Union in 20 years. They believe in achieving this through strong local partnerships, collaboration with developers, and working closely with investors. Their goal is not just to provide housing, but to create thriving communities and spaces where people can truly connect. Dedicated to building a better future for urban living, The Citylifer invites like-minded individuals and organisations to join them in this mission together, creating a brighter future for all.

About The Citylifer

Founded in 2023, The Citylifer is a technology-driven and game-changing company on a mission to redefine both long and short-term residential experiences across the world. In traditional terms, they are a global coliving provider offering hassle-free, high-quality, residential solutions in urban centres. Built on four core pillars of community, accessibility, convenience, and sustainability, The Citylifer is a gateway to incredible experiences in the heart of the coolest cities in the world. Catering to contemporary nomads, The Citylifer curates exciting communities with fully-furnished private accommodations and shared facilities. Dedicated to building a better future in urban living. The Citylifer won the “Emerging Coliving Concept” award by the International Coliving Awards in 2023.


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